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Activate Jio Phone WiFi HotSpot – Enable HotSpot Settings in JioPhone

Activate Jio Phone WiFi HotSpot

How to Activate Jio Phone WiFi Hotspot – Enable Hotspot Settings in Jio Phone. How to ON HotSpot in Jio 1500 Phone, Steps to Activate Hotspot in Jio Feature Phone 1500 Rs. How to Install Hotspot in Jio Phone Download. Enable Hotspot in Jio Phone and Share Internet in Jio Phone with your family. Now your question should be, Is Jio Phone support Hotspot or does Jio 4G Feature Phone have Hotspot Facility?

How to Activate Jio Phone WiFi HotSpot?

Activate Jio Phone WiFi Hotspot, yes there is an option to enable Jio hotspot setting on Jio phone 1500. As we all know Jio 1500 rs phone have really got added more features. This is one feature which people were talking about as because there was no option to have phone Wifi on Jio Phone. But finally, Jio Phone Rs 1500 got the new option to Activate Jio Phone WiFi Hotspot and it is easy to do and the more details of how to activate Jio Phone 1500 Wifi hotspot, then read on this article completely you will come to know how to activate Jio phone mobile wifi hotspot.

Install Hotspot in Jio Phone Download

How to ON HotSpot in Jio 1500 Phone?

Do you think Activating Jio Wifi hotspot is really tough, if you in the same thought, then it is time to change your mind? Yes, as we all know that Jio has given one-month free internet as 1 GB of data on daily basis with full speed of 4G VoLTE.  Here, just followed the few simple steps to know how you can easily set up Jio Wifi hotspot and make easier to use internet for yourself or others.

Easy Steps to Activate WiFi HotSpot in Jio Phone:

  • Just hit the menu tab where you will find the list of application on the 1500Rs Jio Phone
  • Then there will be application options which you need to hit for enabling WiFI Jio Hotspot
  • Now you can see the option “setting”, just click on the settings and then search for more option
  • If you want the option of activating Jio Phone Wifi hotspot, then you need to look for more option in the settings only
  • Click the more option where you can see there is an option as ‘Tathering the portable Wifi hotspot, on 1500 Jio Phone and hit on activating it.

Install Hotspot in Jio Phone Download

Activate Jio Phone WiFi HotSpot: Yes, this is how you can activate the Jio Phone Wifi hotspot and make use of internet Jio 1500 Rs Phone. But activating Jio Phone Wifi doesn’t allow you to use internet from the Jio Phone. Yes, you have to make network setting in order to use internet from Jio Phone 1500. Don’t worry you will find complete details on setup other networks after activating Jio Phone Wifi hotspot.

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How to Set Up Network for Jio Phone Wifi Hotspot?

  • In the setting, where you activate the Jio Phone Wifi hotspot there you will find option to set up network
  • Click for changing the network name and you can rename as per your convenient
  • Now select the drop down menu and select WPA2 PSK security and a notification comes to your screen in order to set up own credentials like password for Wifi hotspot on 1500 Rs Jio Phone.
  • Decide the password and setup for your Wifi hotspot on your Jio phone.

Then there is nothing needed more in activating Jio Phone WIFi hotspot except turning on the Wifi hotspot.

So now you got how easy it is to activate Jio Phone Wifi hotspot. This is the simple and easy way to Activate Jio Phone WiFi Hotspot and make use of Jio Phone internet. Here you learn the easy process to Enable Hotspot in Jio Phone and Share Internet in Jio Phone with your family

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