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**FREE** How to Activate JIO Caller Tune, Set and Change Jio Hello Tune

Activate JIO Caller Tune

How to Activate JIO Caller Tune for Free, Set and Change Jio Hello Tune: You can change your Jio Caller Tune and you can also deactivate JIO caller tune. Free JIO Caller tune for 30 days and get JIO caller tune Song Lists. Activate free caller tune on Jio today.


Reliance has been expanding their cellular services and Reliance Jio is no longer just a 4G service and now comes with an option to Activate Jio Caller Tune free of cost. Now on, you will never have to keep your callers waiting with the boring ringing sound. The caller tune service is completely free of charge and you can set, change or deactivate the tune any time you want.

How to Activate Jio Caller Tune for Free?

You can Activate Jio Caller Tune just by sending a couple of text messages. You will have a large selection of tunes to choose from. Alternatively, you can also use the Jio Music app to activate the caller tune. That is even easier than sending texts. The template of the texts are as follows:

MOVIE <movie name>
ALBUM <album name>
SINGER <singer name>

Jio caller tune song list

To start with activating the caller tune, you will need to send texts to the Reliance Jio caller tune toll free number – 56789. Now, you will have to follow up with the replies and reply accordingly to set your caller tune. Usually, it takes no longer than three text messages and within a minute, you will Activate Jio Caller Tune.

Change, Activate or Deactivate Jio Hello Tune

Here is the step by step procedure for activating, deactivating and changing Reliance JIO Caller Tune, Please follow the following steps carefully:

  1. First, open your favorite SMS App in case you are having Volt supported Mobile Or open Jio 4g voice app.
  2. You can request the desired song by this 3 following ways
  3. Send the message JT to 56789 then
  4. MOVIE <movie Name of Song> send it to 56789
  5. SINGER <singer Name of song> send it to 56789
  6. ALBUM <Album Name of song> send it to 56789
  7. Then you will get list of in the Movie, Album or singer
  8. Choose the Song Number code and forward
  9. Confirmation Message will appear as “Dear Jio Customer, You have requested for activation of JioTunes/caller tune services. To confirm please reply Y to this message within 30 Minutes. Charges Rs.0.0. Validity 30 Days.”
  10. Send a reply message to “y”
  11. Instantly You”ll get SMS of activation – “Dear Customer, JioTunes/caller tune services has been activated on your Jio Number. Validity 30 days. Charges 0.”

Note: By same following method you can also deactivate the JIO Caller Tune

How to Use any song as Jio Caller Tune?

Reliance has a large selection of music on their caller tunes list. So, you will have to search that simply by using the texts. For a song, you will need to know either the song name or the artist name, album name or the movie name in which it was featured. You need to send anyone of that to the number 56789. Here is how you will have to do it to get free Jio Caller Tune For 30 Days:


  1. For example, you want to use the song “The Sound of Silence” by Simon & Garfunkel as your caller tune, then you need to text SINGER Simon & Garfunkel and send it to 56789. Alternatively, the song was featured in the movie “The Graduate”. So, you can also text MOVIE The Graduate to 56789.
  2. You will get a reply from the number enlisting all the songs from the movie or by the singer. You can also enlist song from an album if you want, by texting ALBUM followed by the album name. For example, ALBUM X&Y will enlist all songs from Coldplay’s X&Y album.
  3. Now, you have to select the song by replying with the serial number of the song in that list. If you want more, then you need to reply with MORE.
  4. Once you have selected the song, you will get a text message asking you to confirm your choice. It will also tell you that your caller tune will be active for 30 days and will be available free of charge. To confirm, you will need to reply with Y.
  5. Once you reply with Y, the tune will be activated.

How to Activate Caller Tune using Jio Music App?

This is an easier method for activating caller tunes. If you have downloaded and installed the Jio Music app, you can set your caller tune right from the app by browsing the Jio caller tune song list. You can also change the caller tune with just one tap. Here are the steps to do that.

  1. Find the song you want to set as your caller tune on the Jio Music app. Tap on it to play it.
  2. When playing the music, tap on “Set As JioTune” button to set as a caller tune. That’s it. You need to do nothing more.

Activate JIO Caller Tune

How to change Jio caller tune?

To change the caller tune, you will need to go through the same process as activating the Jio Caller tune. This means sending the texts again right from the beginning. So, if you want to change immediately after activating a tune, or you want to use another song from the same movie or album, then you need to start from step 1 again.

How to copy a caller tune?

If you are calling someone of Reliance Jio network and you want to copy their caller tune, you can do that by simply pressing * while listening to the caller tune. This will set their caller tune as your own.

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How to deactivate caller tune in Jio 4G?

If you want to get back to the old ringing sound for you caller tune, you can simply text STOP to 56789 (It’s a Reliance Jio caller tune toll free number). This will deactivate your caller tune instantly.

**FREE** How to Activate JIO Caller Tune, Set and Change Jio Hello Tune
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